After the Break

Today I started feeling ready to be back at school. I decided to channel that feeling into getting some things done, including coming back to this blog.

This year will be my third year teaching, but the first time I am repeating the same grade and I CAN'T WAIT! Getting to refine, or let's face it, re-do lessons/procedures/assignments from last year will feel great. And knowing more of what to expect is a calming feeling...although we never truly know, with new groups of lovely kiddos every year (I already can't wait to meet my new bunch!!).

This year will also be my last year of teaching...as Miss L that is! Even after a tough year last year, there is no way I would give up my job...I love it too much. It's going to be an adventure to plan a wedding along with all the after-hours work that comes with teaching, but at least I've had the summer to get a head start.

I think I will post about wedding planning along with lesson planning, because I've realized I want this blog more as a journal for me than anything else. Already our month of being engaged has flown by and I want to remember it all. I realize most of the memories I have of my dad are the ones I wrote about...I want to make sure I write everything about this time so I'll have plenty of memories. & thinking of it that way might also get me to actually write this thing!  :) Emily

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  1. I held my breath as I read the first line to your third paragraph. don't give me a heart attack, woman!!!